To be honest, if I had to choose a mantra for my parenting style, it would be, “What the hell am I doing?!”

Parenting today is not our parents’ parenting.

We do not have a template to follow,¬†our lives are no long based on the stereotypical American dream of a white picket fence, our kids’ lives do not even follow the paths of our own childhoods.

We are creating our new normals, one day at a time. Parenting can be inclusive, it can be diverse, parenting today can be a million shades of gray, or green, or blue, or pink. Today, more than any other, our children are members of a global community, with access to information and experiences we could only dream of in our childhood. The only “normal” today, is knowing that there isn’t one. And that’s OK.

Our kids aren’t the only members of a global community. They aren’t the only ones with access to endless reams of data on any subject imaginable. Today, if our lives, if our kids don’t fit the mold we were taught to expect, we can create our own normal based on the experiences of parents the world over.

Postmodern Parenting is simply my take on how I am navigating my new normal, in this crazy, connected, constantly changing world.