Creative Bullying

Do you ever have those moments where your kid does something wrong, but it is so damn funny that you have to take a moment to crack up before you crack down? I do. I have those ALL THE TIME.

But what happens when your kid is the one hurt by one of those hilariously awful moments? That’s where it gets tricky.

Yesterday a kid who has been known to bully my strong little mini told her he eats horses.


My child is a horse lover. She’s actually a lover of all living things, but horses come in first. To be honest, they probably come before most people in her list of loves. She was horrified. Horrified to the point of actual tears.

I will give him points for creativity.

Don’t get me wrong. I am 100% against bullying. Any practice with a direct link to child suicides is just plain wrong. How I handle bullying does vary, though. If it does not involve physical harm or extensive, repeated mental harm, I recommend taking the high road. I use that moment to talk about what makes people angry and want to hurt someone else. I use it as a lesson in empathy. Kids need to know how to react to cruelty. It doesn’t end in childhood.

But if that moment occurs when another kid lays a hand on my mini? Or bullies to the point of emotional damage?

You’d better believe that hell hath no fury like this angry mama.



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